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300 Unopened Baseball Cards Collection in Factory Sealed Packs of Vintage MLB Baseball Cards From the Late 80's and Early 90's. Look for Hall-of-Famers Such As Cal Ripken, Nolan Ryan, & Tony Gwynn.

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This collection contains Over 300 cards in unopened and unsearched baseball card packs. The collection of over 300 cards includes more than twenty packs of cards from brands such as Topps, Score, Donruss, Leaf, Upper Deck, plus other manufacturers. Packs will range from the late 1980’s – to the mid 1990’s. Most of the unopened and unsearched baseball card packs will be over 20 years old! The incredible variety, range of years, and overall value make is offer a must for all baseball card collectors. This collection is a great way to build a rookie and star card collection.

Hall-of-Fame baseball players that you many find in this unopened pack collection includes Wade Boggs, Ken Griffey Jr., Ryne Sandberg, Johnny Bench, Carl Yastrzemski, Joe Morgan,Nolan Ryan, George Brett, Tom Seaver, Tony Gwynn, Pete Rose, Chipper Jones, Rickey Henderson, Reggie Jackson, Steve Carlton, Mike Schmidt, Dave Winfield, Ozzie Smith, Carlton Fisk, Eddie Murray, Robin Yount, Gary Carter, Dennis Eckersley, Paul Molitor, Rich Gossage, Jim Rice, Cal Ripken, Andre Dawson, Roberto Alomar,

The variety of unopened packs makes this an ideal gift for yourself or a collector of any age. All cards come unopened and unsearched.

Every fan who loves baseball will want this unopened pack collection. It’s a collector’s dream come true!

  • MLB unopened and unsearched baseball packs.
  • Includes packs from brands such as Topps, Score, Donruss, Upper Deck, plus other manufacturers
  • All Vintage pack collection! Packs range from Mid 1980’s to through mid 1990’s
  • Look for Hall-of-Famers such as Cal Ripken, Nolan Ryan, Tony Gwynn, Wade Boggs, Ryne Sandberg, Ozzie Smith, Carlton Fisk, Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, and Roberto Alomar
  • A collectors dream come true!