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Quietly, A Piano Album - Instrumental album From the creators of Scripture Lullabies

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Quietly – The new instrumental piano album from the makers of Scripture Lullabies

From Jay Stocker, the best selling composer who brought you the “Hidden In My Heart” series; comes a new instrumental series of beautiful, cinematic arrangements to whisk you away on a journey of soothing peace and tranquility.

Quietly is a gentle call to break away from the daily noise.  It’s a call to slow down and give peace its due… A call to steal away to a place where God speaks to us – and we hear Him. It’s in this place that we find peace beyond measure, and strength that endures… as we take time to listen, wait and wonder – quietly.

Giving You The Gift Of Peace…

After a busy day or a stressful time, “Quietly” sets the stage for perfect peace; peace we all long for and so desparately need.  There’s no better way to unwind and relax than to fill your home with this beautiful, incredibly peaceful music.  

… And The Gift Of Scripture

Inside your CD cover, you’ll find a special passage of Scripture with each instrumental track to relax and meditate on.  If you loved the peace and tranquility of the “Hidden In My Heart,” series from Scripture Lullabies, you’ll enjoy Quietly every bit as much for:

  • Relaxation for anxiety
  • Quiet time or prayer
  • Stress reduction
  • Meditation
  • Beautiful background music for your home

… This is the stillness and quiet your soul longs for.

Simply the most peaceful piano music on the planet.  Order Now.

  • From the creators of Scripture Lullabies
  • The most peaceful Piano music on the planet