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TI-EDC handmade Outdoor Carabiner Grappling Hook Climbing Folding Load 400Kg steel

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This high quality and durable grappling hook from TI-EDC can be used in outdoor climbing activities and wilderness survival and adventure activities. It is one of the essential equipments for outdoor enthusiasts.

The hook claw reaches the highest level of soft hardness (maximum hardness of 39) by using the oil quenching process and hence provides extreme operating reliability. The claws can expand and collapse and it makes the hook very easy to carry.

Package includes: 1x TI-EDC Handmade Outdoor Climbing Carabiner Grappling Hook Folding Claws Load 400Kg Steel

Brand: TI-EDC®
TI-EDC® is a US registered trademark. We specialize in high quality Titanium and other metal made products. We attend to every detail from a user’s perspective and strive to make the most beautiful and highest quality products. That means 100% user satisfaction – period.

  • Can hold weight up to 400Kg
  • Very easy to carry with folding claws
  • Great for outdoor climbing, survival and adventure activities, or use it to pull down tree limbs
  • Material: Steel, Weight: about 780g
  • Total lenght: 23cm, Hook lenght: 9.5cm, Hook thickness: 0.6cm